The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation Training

Course Offered

The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation training is conducted on behalf of John E. Reid and Associates, Inc.

Course Overview:

The course covers various aspects of investigative interviewing, interrogation techniques, and detecting deception using the widely utilized Reid Technique. Participants will learn about non-accusatory interviews, behavioral analysis for deception detection, the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation, ethical considerations, and legal aspects of investigative interviewing.

Level of Expertise


Prerequisite Education or Experience

No prerequisites required.

Who Should Attend

HR professionals, legal professionals, auditors, and risk professionals from industries such as insurance, compliance, logistics, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, audit, finance, banking, oil & gas, airlines, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

Time Taken for Completing the Course

4 Days

Skills Covered
– Developing interviewing and interrogation skills
– Conducting investigations
– Understanding behavioral cues

Course Objectives

The program aims to help participants:
– Understand investigative interviewing techniques
– Learn how to assess behavioral cues
– Deploy the Reid techniques effectively
– Understand ethical considerations in investigative interviewing
– Understand the legal aspects involved in the process

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