Law Enforcement Program for Corporates

Course Offered

Noida International University, in association with IIRIS Knowledge offers a course on Law Enforcement Program for Corporates.

Course Overview:

The course focuses on establishing a law engagement program for corporates to ensure legal compliance, prevent misconduct, and respond effectively to legal issues. It covers anti-bribery laws, policies development, code of conduct, customized training, internal controls, whistleblower hotlines, risk assessments, ethical standards, and case studies on program implementation.

Level of Expertise


Prerequisite Education or Experience

Participants should be working in a law enforcement-facing role or transitioning to such a role.

Time Taken for Completing the Course

6 Hours

Skills Covered

Nuances of Law enforcement in the region, communication techniques with Law Enforcement agencies

Objectives of the Training Program

The program aims to help participants:
– Develop clear policies covering legal standards for employees and the organization.
– Create a code of conduct or ethics articulating the organization’s values and expectations.
– Customize training for different roles on legal compliance, conflict of interest, whistleblower protections, and reporting mechanisms.
– Implement internal controls and monitoring systems to prevent legal violations.
– Understand the importance of whistleblower hotlines for reporting legal violations.
– Conduct regular risk assessments to prioritize legal risks.
– Emphasize ethical standards in dealings with law enforcement agencies.
– Learn from case studies on program implementation in different organizations.

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